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Miratorg Trading LTD is a leading exporter of agricultural products, with a huge range of products. An individual approach to clients has recommended Miratorg Trading LTD as a reliable supplier and partner.


Agricultural products

The key to a profitable agricultural enterprise is high-quality (certified) seeds that are used when sowing the field. However, not everyone has seeds ready for sowing and prefer to buy them from other manufacturers. When agricultural business owners want to buy seeds in bulk, their priority is: quality and certification, purity and absence of impurities, absence of defects (cracks, empty seeds), ease of cultivation, resistance to pests and diseases, unpretentiousness to weather conditions, soil conditions , ideal taste and external qualities of the final product. We understand this as professionals with experience in the agricultural business. Therefore, seeds from Miratorg Trading LTD meet all of the above criteria.

Textile products

Miratorg Trading LTD provides a huge range of any home textile products of the highest quality. Choose bedspreads and bathrobes, children's sets and blankets, bedding, fabrics, as well as gabardine, satin, batiste, knitwear, jeans, satin, chiffon. Here are the benefits of cooperation with Miratorg Trading LTD. We are constantly striving to provide the best choice. Main strengths: exceptional quality of all products, the price of a similar product is less than in a traditional store, a rich assortment, the availability of any colors, from bright to pastel, from ascetic black to snow-white, goods for various interiors, for bathroom and kitchen, bedroom and nursery, the ability to change the interior design with the help of our textiles.

Footwear and accessories, electrical equipment

We offer to buy shoes and accessories of the highest quality at a low price. Miratorg Trading LTD sells a wide range of various work and special shoes of various manufacturers, in a wide range of price segments, which will satisfy all groups of buyers. We carry out a perfect selection of the necessary shoes for the client, according to the order and the needs of the client. We choose models, select accessories. Miratorg Trading LTD has the status of a leading seller of footwear and auxiliary accessories. The quality of the offered goods and prompt response to the requests of our partners allowed us to take a leading position in the segment of sales of a wide variety of shoes and accessories.

Electrical equipment

Miratorg Trading LTD supplies electrical equipment of the most famous brands, occupying a leading position in the world market. You will find any electrical products here: light switches and sockets, circuit breakers and wires, sensors and controllers, as well as a wide range of electrical equipment for industrial use. Any products purchased from us - household switches, sockets or complex industrial controllers - will reliably serve for many years. A wide range of: industrial control electrical equipment, low voltage electrical equipment, automation equipment, electrical installation products: switches, sockets, etc.

Agricultural equipment and hand tools

Miratorg Trading LTD is a reliable supplier of agricultural equipment and components for agricultural machinery and industrial equipment. The company's priority is to increase the competitiveness of products in the agricultural and industrial markets to the world level by providing high quality products and using high-tech spare parts and components for machinery. Thanks to our own logistics network, the delivery of goods is carried out as soon as possible. We also have a retail and wholesale store with a wide range of products for agricultural machinery. In our warehouses, all the necessary storage conditions are met with mandatory strictness so that the products retain their original properties for as long as possible. Warehouses are equipped with modern equipment and technology that simplify and speed up work processes.


If you want to improve the quality and yield of agricultural crops, or are simply looking for advice on plant nutrition, find out how Yara agronomists can help you. Our fertilizers range from those based on the most widely needed nutrients – Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) – to those incorporating growth and quality enhancing nutrients, such as calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg), to micronutrients that help prevent or cure deficiencies resulting from particular soil or crop conditions.


Yara Mila ® fertilizers ensure uniform and healthy growth of plants throughout the growing season. YaraMila fertilizers are specially designed for processing intensive crops, including vegetables, fruit trees, grapes and lawn grasses.


The main focus of Yara Vita® technology is attention to detail. This approach to the formation of plant nutrition technology allows to obtain great agronomic and economic efficiency.


Yara Liva® fertilizers provide plants with fast-acting nitrogen together with such important elements as calcium and boron. In combination, they contribute to the healthy growth of crops, reduce the risk of stress on plants and trees.

Mission, Goals, Principles and Values

The main goal of Miratorg Trading LTD is to remain the market leader, providing fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation that guarantees success. Loyalty program for customers, which gives you the opportunity to accumulate points and receive additional rewards and bonuses. Also, there are always seasonal and special promotional offers and discounts.

Miratorg Trading LTD provides an extremely wide range of high quality certified products. Exclusive innovative offers are available in our assortment. We provide the most favorable conditions for customers and package offers. Consulting support programs and training programs for clients are also open.

Miratorg Trading LTD has an extensive network of regional offices and a logistics infrastructure that ensures maximum proximity to the client. It also provides a system for maintaining the required temperature regime, ensures the complete safety of the quality of agricultural products (wheat, rapeseed, barley, vegetable oils, meal, etc.) on the way from the manufacturer to the client.

Miratorg Trading LTD provides a wide range of effective financial solutions, including: lending programs secured by liquid property, support for bank loyalty programs, crop receipts, payment in agricultural products, forward contracts, flexible discount systems for clients.

About company

Miratorg Trading LTD is a dynamically developing company specializing in the trade of agricultural products, the best varieties of wheat, rapeseed, barley, many types of vegetable oil, meal, a wide range of textile products, including gabardine, satin, cambric, knitwear, jeans, chiffon. The assortment of Miratorg Trading LTD also includes ready-made clothes. A large selection of shoes and accessories will satisfy all categories of customers. Miratorg Trading LTD is not limited to one area and also offers its customers a wide range of electrical equipment, agricultural machinery and hand tools to solve a wide range of technical problems.

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